Creating A Bathing Ritual

This week my sister circle is focused on creating a morning ritual as we begin to read Gateway 0: The Sacred Womb of  Sacred Woman. Each day this week we will add a element of practice to our ritual. Today’s focus is on Spiritual Baths.


Every day we come in contact with a variety of vibrations through our interactions with different people and environments. Over time, negative and stagnant energy can build up in our aura. A spiritual bath is a powerful tool to assist in removing these unwelcome influences from your aura. The feminine element of water is naturally healing and purifying. Various recipes that include the addition of salt, herbs, crystals, and/or  essential oils aligned with your intention offers the following benefits:

  • Detoxing bacteria, toxins, heavy metals, and other from the skin
  • Absorbing essential trace minerals and their healing metaphysical properties
  • Increased Circulation
  • The manifestation of love, money, success, and other desired blessings


Unlike your normal bath routine, soap is typically not a part of this cleansing process. Both you and your space should be thoroughly cleaned prior to beginning.

  1. Deep clean your bathroom.
  2. Take your normal shower or bath.
  3. Bless your space.


  1. Draw your bath water – fill the tub with water as hot as you can stand it. Add whatever additional ingredients you choose. The intention of your bath will help determine the rest of the ingredients you choose. There are tons of bath recipes just a google away, but I’ve also included a basic recipe down below.
  2. Bless your water – stick your hand in the water and state your intention or say a prayer.
  3. Set the mood – Use candles, incense, and/or music.
  4. Soak – This is where your healing and the magic begins. Slip into the tub, submerging your entire body in the water, close your eyes, and relax. Take notice of the temperature of the water against your skin, the fragrance tickling your nose, or simply focus on your breath and how your body feels. Sometimes I  listen to guided meditation, recite affirmations/chants, or stretch a bit. There is no right or wrong in this moment. Soak for 20-30 minutes or as long you feel comfortable.

Basic Salt Water Bath

  • 1-2 cups Epsom Salt – No Epsom salts? Any good quality unprocessed salt will do as long is it isn’t table salt. You can also use baking soda in place of salt for the same detoxing effect.
  • Optional items: flowers, herbs, essential oils, crystals (Add flowers or herbs to a mesh bag or cheesecloth and throw the whole thing in the tub for easy cleanup)

No bath tub? No Problem, I’ve got you covered!

Foot Bath

Modify the salt bath recipe above and soak your feet.

Sacred Shower

You will need:

  • sea salt
  • natural carrier oil such as olive or coconut oil
  • optional: add essential oils to your carrier oil
  1. Prep – same as above
  2. Rinse – Start your shower and get the steam going.You want the water as hot as you can stand it. Rinse your body to open your pores.
  3. Exfoliate – Turn the shower off and exfoliate your body with the sea salt starting at the heels in an upward, circular motion. Let the sea salt sit on your body for a minute or so as you say affirmations, chant, or use that time to pray.
  4. Rinse – Rinse off with cool water this time to close your pores.
  5. Oil – I like to oil my body while I am still wet because I find it seals in the moisture. Take your time as you rub your body down. Use this time to express gratitude and love to every inch of your body.
  6. Dry – Try air drying instead of using a towel.

Sometimes I sit in the shower while rinsing and let the water flower over me like a water fall. I listen to the water hit my body and the tub and use this time to meditate.

Mother Earth/Yemaya

If you live near a body of salt water go for a swim. Sea water naturally has aura-cleansing properties and you’re getting in a good workout at the same time.

When creating any ritual or spiritual practice I find it best to do what resonates with you personally. There is no right and wrong. As you grow into your own you will later will learn why.

Are spiritual baths a part of your spiritual practice? Please share your go to recipe.



New Moon in Gemini


My journey to finding my own way spiritually began with yoni eggs and moon phases. As I began to learn about the moon I recognized the benefits of moon rituals. Lately I haven’t been as committed to my rituals, but a few friends and I have decided to embark on the Sacred Woman journey and I am excited to reintroduce these rituals to my life during this new super moon in Gemini.

With tonight’s new moon I will focus on my intention to commit to this journey and work on recreating my personal new moon ritual using the guidelines below.

Step 1. Prepare Sacred Space:

Ritual work is best done in a clean and uncluttered space as it is said that cleanliness is next to Godliness.

  • Smudge. Smudging clears low vibrations and negative/stuck energy. Smudge your space and your body. Although sage is the most common there are actually variety of plants and herbs that offer different benefits and metaphysical properties.
  • Incense. It is important to light incense after smudging in order to fill the empty space with positive energy.
  • Setup alter and/or light candle. Alter work is still fairly new to me because when I was first introduced I was still struggling with some belief systems from childhood. Prior to wrapping my mind around setting up an alter I found it easiest to just light a white candle. I have since learned that different color candles offer different benefits and you can even “dress” your candles for specific outcomes.

Step 2. Prepare Self

  • Spiritual Bath. Salt water baths detox your body and cleanse your spirit. Blessing your water with various herbs and oils offer different benefits and can also be used to assist with your desired outcome.
  • Meditate/Grounding – Meditation and/or grounding centers you spiritually.

Step 3. Set Intentions

  • Journal. Download your thoughts post-meditation and set your intentions.

Remember, faith without works is dead. It is my belief that rituals provide structure to align yourself with that which you desire to manifest, but you often still have work to do. The depth of your work depends on the goal, but use your new moon ritual and intentions as a tool in making your dreams come true.

Have you done the Sacred Woman Rites of Passage? If so, what was your experience? Also, what do you do to honor the new moon?

– Bretagné

Disclaimer – I am but a student documenting my journey. Please research and study for yourself. All knowledge, questions, comments, and concerns are both welcome and appreciated.




Pisces Harvest Moon – Lunar Eclipse 2016


My upbringing instilled a fear in me regarding anything metaphysical, but I am thankful that this has been a beautiful year of spiritual growth. I’m a new student to astrology, but the many ways that God speaks through the universe is astonishing to me.

So, what does a harvest moon lunar eclipse in Pisces even mean?

Great question and honestly I’m still learning.  A harvest moon is the September full moon. It is my understanding that the the full moon being in Pisces brings about a wave of emotions so try to keep it light as this time may include a lot of mood swings. Miscommunication  is also in tow as we are still amid mercury retrograde. Pisces is revealing and repelling all that is keeping us from our divinity and the lunar eclipse intensifies it all.

Earlier this year I started connecting with God through moon rituals. Every full moon I release all that no longer serves me by writing it all out and then burning it. Recently in an attempt to go deeper I have been studying each moon in relation to astrology and what that means for me personally. I’m a Sagittarius sun with a Virgo moon, and an Aquarius rising. Pisces is in my second house which has to do with possessions and where we place are value as whole. This is where I will focus my meditation. My intuition is also guiding me towards an enema which is a little scary, but makes sense since Pisces aligns with the  sacral chakra and today seems like a good day to let sh*t go both literally and figuratively.

– Bretagné

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Disclaimer – I am but a student documenting my journey. Please research and study for yourself. All knowledge, questions, comments, and concerns are both welcome and appreciated.