Pisces Harvest Moon – Lunar Eclipse 2016


My upbringing instilled a fear in me regarding anything metaphysical, but I am thankful that this has been a beautiful year of spiritual growth. I’m a new student to astrology, but the many ways that God speaks through the universe is astonishing to me.

So, what does a harvest moon lunar eclipse in Pisces even mean?

Great question and honestly I’m still learning.  A harvest moon is the September full moon. It is my understanding that the the full moon being in Pisces brings about a wave of emotions so try to keep it light as this time may include a lot of mood swings. Miscommunication  is also in tow as we are still amid mercury retrograde. Pisces is revealing and repelling all that is keeping us from our divinity and the lunar eclipse intensifies it all.

Earlier this year I started connecting with God through moon rituals. Every full moon I release all that no longer serves me by writing it all out and then burning it. Recently in an attempt to go deeper I have been studying each moon in relation to astrology and what that means for me personally. I’m a Sagittarius sun with a Virgo moon, and an Aquarius rising. Pisces is in my second house which has to do with possessions and where we place are value as whole. This is where I will focus my meditation. My intuition is also guiding me towards an enema which is a little scary, but makes sense since Pisces aligns with the  sacral chakra and today seems like a good day to let sh*t go both literally and figuratively.

– Bretagné

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Disclaimer – I am but a student documenting my journey. Please research and study for yourself. All knowledge, questions, comments, and concerns are both welcome and appreciated.



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